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Brand Activations

As the Director of Strategic Partnerships for the Creative City Project, I formed relationships with some major brands in Central Florida. I worked with these partners to develop activations for a large-scale arts festival called IMMERSE to help them achieve their community relations / marketing objectives.


Business Development
Creative Director
Project Manager



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Photo by Charles Schuett


Brand Partner

Hawkers Asian Street Fare

In the spring of 2019, I formed a partnership with Hawkers Asian Street Food to create this interactive brand experience titled the “Senses of Asia” set to debut at IMMERSE 2019 in October. Hawkers wanted to show the community that there was more to experience at their restaurant than just the food. They wanted to engage all of the senses and transport people to the street food stalls in Asia. In this immersive walkthrough installation, guests got to experience the sights, sounds, smells, textures and tastes of Asia. The environment was constructed offsite at one of Hawkers' facilities and installed in the middle of Downtown Orlando at the IMMERSE art festival. Over 50,000 guests attended and this activation was one of the most photographed experiences of the night. Shoutout to Hawkers for constructing this award-winning activation! See the other awards they won from the American Advertising Federation for this activation HERE.


Project Coordinator and Liaison


Brand Partner

Mears Transportation Group

In collaboration with Central Florida artist Paulaiden Minerva (@pabloadan), we worked with Mears Transportation to create a Keith Haring-style mural painted on one of their taxis. It was important that the mural showed off Mears' brand values so I worked with the artist to collage this messaging into his playful world using his Haring style paint technique.


Embedded in the mural, you'll find imagery that conveys "no surge pricing," safety, comfort, Orlando landmarks, Mears' motorcoaches and black car service and sustainability. This taxi was painted live by Paulaiden at IMMERSE and Mears staff was present to answer guests' questions about their services. As an added bonus, the artist was accompanied by local poet Paul Felker (@paulspoems) who wrote travel-based poems for people to take home with them for free providing Mears with another interactive component to go with their taxi mural at the event.


The mural was completed on-site at IMMERSE and as of January 2020, can still be seen driving guests around Orlando.


Project Manager
Creative Director

Mears Vector Logo_Luxe-Taxi.png
Chris Martin - immerse-saturday-@grizzle
Photo credit - Charles Schuett.JPG
Charles Schuett - Charles
Chris Martin - immerse-saturday-@grizzle
1 Akyros Mural Preview.png
2 Ryan Semple Mural Preview.png
3 Sheherazade Thenard Mural Preview.png

Brand Partner


In an effort to promote their advancements towards 5G technology, I partnered with Verizon to sponsor the creation of three large 5G inspired murals that debuted at IMMERSE, painted by three talented local artists: Harry Foreman (Akyros), Ryan Semple and Sheherazade Thenard. The murals are now on display in Verizon’s Lake Mary Office.


Project Manager

Creative Director and Collaborator


During IMMERSE 2019, I was also able to form new partnerships with West Elm, The Wellborn Hotel, Robinson Cocktail Room, Embassy Suites Downtown Orlando, Lucky’s Market and The Heavy (Porch Therapy).

I was also tasked with assisting in the project management of other brand activations during IMMERSE. These organizations included: Corkcicle, Feeding Children Everywhere, Orlando Health, Orlando Science Center and Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC). Images and more information can be found HERE.

To see a full list of the brands I had oversight of during IMMERSE 2019, visit THIS LINK.

Photography credits: Jacob Bailes, Quay Hu, Adam Lora, Chris Martin and Charles Schuett

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