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My name is Michael Caibio and I am a visual communicator, marketing strategist and brand manager. I'm passionate about the arts, great storytelling, branding, design and food! On most weekends, you can find me and my wife exploring and taking in all of the amazing things Central Florida has to offer.


• Contemporary art
• Immersive art experiences
• Menswear
• Sneakers
• Basketball
• Television + movies
• Plants
• Scandinavian interior design
• Photography
• Architecture
• Culinary arts
• Exploring hotels
• Thrifting

I have over a decade of experience in graphic design and project management achieving success at some amazing organizations in Orlando. I have worked in marketing and brand management for over eight years leading the promotional efforts for the largest art museum in Central Florida. My diverse skill set encompasses other forms of visual communication including photography, print, and web. I love creative problem solving and using my skills to help organizations improve their brand presence and expand their reach. See Resume


I was born and raised in Miami, FL until I was 5 years old. My parents moved me and my sister to a small town in Central Florida called Sebring where I lived until I graduated high school. While there, I learned how to be creative with minimal resources and how to solve problems creatively. I took a gap year after high school to live in Argentina where I discovered my love for art and culture. I returned home with a renewed outlook on my career path and decided to pursue a degree in radio/television at the University of Central Florida where I aspired to work at a production studio or advertising agency making commercials. After working at a studio part-time during college, I learned a new skill and decided to pivot to another form of visual communication – graphic design. After graduating, I took that skill to a number of organizations and have diversified my skillset to include other forms of visual communication: marketing, public relations, print, video, photo, and web. The art of communication has been a big part of my life and is essential to all forms of business. I have thoroughly enjoyed utilizing my skills to help out the organizations I've been a part of and look forward to seeing where life will take me next.

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